24 Kits: $3.75 per kit

(Created for Individuals & Medium size offices to share) 

Who's Making a Difference?


REALTOR® Association Stores

Moving & Relocation Companies

Moving Supply Stores

Property Management Companies

Clean-Up & Restoration Companies

Foster Care

Child Relocation Programs

12 Kits: $4.00 per kit

(Created for individuals & small offices to share)

  ​48 Kits: $3.50 per kit

  (Created for ANY size office to share)

    Each Kit Includes:

  • KIDS TO GO BOX®                                  

           15"x15"x10", Easy-To-Carry, No Tape Required, 
             Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA   
  • Business Card Pocket                                  (attached to each box)

  • Crayon Set (6 "child safe" crayons)

  • Discounted Flat Rate Shipping (USA Only)

           (Business to Business Shipping)